Development Approach

Our aim is to empower local communities to access resources, and have control over the decisions that determine their basic needs and human rights. We do this by providing financial and technical support to local ‘not for profit’ and community-based organisations, with a particular focus on local capacity building.

irrigating permaculture gardens in M'bore, Rote &copy indigo foundation

irrigating permaculture gardens in M'bore, Rote © indigo foundation

Our actions are guided by existing research, and ongoing evaluation of our activities by community and our members.

We work according a set of clear Guiding Principles: community ownership, sustainability, transparency and gender equity.

We support local community-based organisations which are often overlooked by larger development agencies because they are too small or lack adequate connections to access international support. We see that new technologies or large amounts of money are often not appropriate or necessary.

We have an integrated approach to community development that focuses upon improving the education, health, environment, and supporting the human rights, of marginalised communities both within Australia and in developing countries.

Our development approach in each of these areas is drawn from internationally agreed charters including the Declaration of Alma Ata and the Jakarta Declaration (both health), Agenda 21 (environment) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Education for All.

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