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Our organisation only exists as a result of the generosity of a huge range of supporters.

Whether it is by making a  donation every month; volunteering some of your time or expertise; or by helping us raise funds and awareness about our projects, it is all critical to our objective of improving the lives of those in marginalised communities in Australia and around the world.

No matter how big or small your contribution might be, every little bit counts.

On behalf of everyone we work with, thank you for your ongoing support of indigo foundation.

Supporting kindergartens in Rote, Indonesia &copy indigo foundation

Supporting kindergartens in Rote, Indonesia © indigo foundation

Make a Donation

As an independent organisation we depend on donations from individuals and organisations to do our work. We encourage donors to make affordable, regular monthly donations as these allow us to budget and allocate funds to meet the changing needs of the communities we work with, and plan for the future.

To support the work of indigo foundation, CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW via our secure website. If you prefer to make a donation through the post please click here to download a postal donation form.

If you choose to make a program-specific donation (eg Africa, Afghanistan, India, etc), an amount of up to 15% may be directed to organisational overheads necessary for the support of projects.

All financial donations to indigo foundation’s international programs are tax deductible.

“Gift” Donations   

Can’t think of a gift for your friends, family, workmates or clients to suit that special occasion?

Why not give a very special gift by donating to the work of indigo foundation, and we’ll send an Ecard to your nominated recipient to let them know you’ve donated on their behalf?

 How it works

  1. Click the “donate to indigo foundation button” on the right of the screen, then indicate “make a one-off donation”.
  2. Click on ‘Don’t use My Giving’
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Check “special message” and at “I would like to give this gift to celebrate” insert an appropriate comment such as “Christmas wishes” or “Birthday wishes”, the email address for an Ecard, and the name of the recipient – all on the same line.
  5. Click “email notifications” and again insert your recipient’s email address. They will then be notified of your gift.

Your donation will be put to good use helping the people of the poor and marginalised communities supported by our projects worldwide.

Entertainment™  books

Order your new 2014 | 2015  Entertainment™ Membership from indigo foundation and 20% of your Membership purchase will go directly to our fundraising!

Entertainment™ voucher books are packed with thousands of half price and 2-for-1 offers at lots of great restaurants, hotels, cultural attractions and more. Available as a traditional Entertainment™ Book OR the new Entertainment™ Digital Membership for your Apple or Android device.

Order your books online today.

Workplace Programs

We welcome opportunities to work with organisations that want to support our work. Our representatives are available to come and speak with your staff about our projects and we invite ideas for how your staff might be able to get involved.  For more information, please contact

Make a Bequest

If you feel you would like your memory to live on in the gratitude of the communities which benefit from our projects, you may wish to consider making a bequest to the “Indigo Foundation Relief Fund”.

Please contact us direct, or through your legal adviser, at if you would like more information.

Work With Us

We are always looking for people with the right mix of skills and expertise to support our work. Whether your background is in development, research, advocacy, management, fundraising, marketing, communications or something else; or you just have a particular interest that may be helpful, please contact us to find out how you might be able to be involved.

Our people work at all levels from management committee, project management and advice, to fundraising and administration, so we’d love to hear from you.

For more inforamtion about working with us, or to volunteer your time and skills, please contact us at

Become a Member

By becoming a member of indigo foundation you will receive regular information about our work and be able to stand for positions within the organisation.

Individual membership involves a joining fee of $5 ($10 for family membership), an annual fee of $5 ($10 for family membership), and completion of the membership application form.

Become a member by clicking here to download our membership form.


Get involved in our discussions on-line. Click here to find our Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Support us

  1. Peter McMahon says:

    I wish to make a donation, but the link to the donation site on your website will not open. I have tried a couple of times over the last few days. Are you having website issues?

    Peter McMahon

    • Jemma Bailey says:

      Hi Peter
      Thank you for getting in contact and apologies you had problems with our online donations system. The system is working for me now – let me know if you are still having problems and I can give you a call or organise through email –
      Many thanks for considering indigo foundation for a donation – your generosity is much appreciated.

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