About Us

indigo foundation is an innovative, independent community development organisation based in Australia.

Guided by the principles of community ownership, sustainability, transparency and equity we work with community based organisations to effect real change. We listen to the needs of the community and work with them to develop programs in education, public health and capacity building. Our aim is to empower communities to access resources, and have control over decisions that determine their basic needs and human rights. We do this by providing financial and technical assistance.

We currently support projects in Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Solomon Islands,  Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Australia.

We operate through a virtual office, keeping administrative costs to a minimum. We are financially independent and provide accurate information on our finances, achievements and challenges.

How it all began …

indigo foundation was established in 2000 by a small group of development practitioners who wanted to practice community development in a way that was truly community-led. Sally Stevenson, our Chairperson and a founding member, tells the story of how indigo began and reflects on the first ten years of the organisation here.

Current Project Locations

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