Partnership Coordinator, Indonesia (Australia-based volunteer role)

We are recruiting for an Australia-based Partnership Coordinator to manage our community development partnership in Indonesia, in the spirit of indigo foundation principles and community-led development. This is a voluntary role.

indigo foundation works with three local grassroots partners in Eastern Indonesia. This role will coordinate our partnerships with two of those local partners. PEKKA Lodan Doe is a grassroots network of 80 local women’s collectives spread across the islands of Adonara and Lembata that leads high-impact programs and advocacy work aimed at empowering women heads-of-household. Nefo Ko’u is a recently established collective of farmers in the highlands of West Timor focused on food security and improving education outcomes for their community. More information about the partnerships is on our website here.

Key responsibilities

Strong and open relationships with our community partners are vital to our work. As Partnership Coordinator, you will be the primary contact with PEKKA Lodan Doe and Nefo Ko’u Farmers Cooperative, responsible for the ethical, transparent and timely coordination of the partnership. Specific responsibilities include:

  • assisting our community partner to achieve their objectives by providing advice, technical expertise, building capacity and facilitating linkages with other organisations as appropriate;
  • managing key partnership agreements, budgets and financial reporting;
  • undertaking strengths and needs assessment, risk analysis and monitoring and evaluation;
  • ensuring all stages in project development and management are adequately documented and project files are maintained;
  • reporting verbally and in writing against a monitoring and evaluation framework;
  • managing project-related travel, including compiling information for security assessments, debriefing and trip reporting; and
  • fundraising and liaising with donors and supporters as required.


  • Commitment to securing the human rights of women and girls
  • Commitment to achieving social justice and empowerment
  • Understanding of, and experience with, the challenges facing marginalised communities
  • Ability to work collaboratively, listen and learn from others (including partner organisations)
  • Ability to work cross culturally and value diversity
  • Excellent written, online communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to identify, analyse and solve problems and obstacles arising in the process of managing partner relationships
  • Proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia or willingness to learn Bahasa Indonesia

We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

indigo foundation is a child-safe organisation. We require all Partnership Coordinators to sign our Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Young People and to obtain a current Working with Children and Vulnerable People clearance.

Full terms of reference and capabilities available on request. 

About indigo foundation

For almost 20 years, indigo foundation has supported grassroots organisations in some of the most marginalised communities in the world to pursue their development goals. We currently partner with 18 local organisations across eight countries.

We support local community partners to empower women and girls, improve education and health outcomes, secure better livelihoods for families and defend their human rights. We believe powerful and positive change is achieved through community control over decision-making, honest communication between communities and ourselves and building strong community organisations. We know from the evidence that community-led development works to transform lives and build more resilient communities. Our approach to partnership is built on respect, mutual learning and accepting that progress and setbacks are a normal part of community development.

We are a virtual organisation and we are proudly nimble and creative, with committed volunteers and supporters across Australia who value our distinctive approach to community partnerships and development.

How to apply for this job

To apply for this role, please send your CV and a 1-2 page cover letter outlining your relevant experience and why you would be suitable for the role to Jemma Bailey at, using the subject line: Indonesia Partnership Coordinator application.

Applications close on 20 January 2020. Please send all enquiries about the role to Development Coordinator Christina Northey on