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Dr Sima Samar

Dr Sima Samar

Interview with Dr Sima Samar – ABC RN Breakfast

We cohosted a visit to Australia by Dr Sima Samar, the Chair of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, and Nobel Prize nominee, first Minister of Women in Afghanistan. Dr Samar has a close association with the our partner, the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Kabul.

Geraldine Doogue interivews Dr Samar on the importance of education in peace-building and the potential troop build up in Afghanistan.

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Dr Sima Samar in conversation

This video is from an ‘in conversation’ event with Dr Sima Samar and indigo foundation Chair Sally Stevenson in Sydney on 29 May 2017. Dr Samar is the Chair of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, and Nobel Prize nominee, first Minister of Women in Afghanistan.

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Merci from Lua Lemba at the Rote pig bank

Spotlight on Chair Sally Stevenson – ABC 666 Canberra

Foundation and Chairperson Sally Stevenson was interviewed by Alex Sloan on ABC 666’s long form Canberra Close Up.

Sally talks what led her to found indigo foundation, our approach to community-led development and puts a spotlight on our long-term project in Rote, Indonesia.

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Students in class at Salman e Fars school

Students in class at Salman e Fars school, Borjegai

Program offers education hope to Afghans – ABC RN Drive

Project Advisor Ali Reza Yunespour was interviewed by Rebecca Huntley on ABC RN Dive about the impressive results from the Borjegai schools project and the political climate in Afghanistan.

Ali explains that the project was “in response to a request from community themselves for educating girls in the village. Today it supports a network of 9 schools, accomodating about 3500 students of which about 40% of whom are girls.”

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Is development aid necessary? Absolutely – Canberra Times

Board members Susan Engel and Sally Stevenson published an opinion piece in the Canberra Times. They write:

“If you’ve listened to Australian government leaders talking about aid and development issues lately, you could be forgiven for thinking that poverty is no longer a problem globally and all that is needed now is trade not aid. … Realistically – and despite the rhetoric – we know that the livelihoods of the poorest people in developing countries are not going to be rapidly transformed by commercial trade with rich countries. They are still too reliant on a limited range of exports and especially a limited number of primary commodities where prices fluctuate widely.”

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Dr Saadi and Kokolopori clinic staff &copy: TBC

Dr Saadi and Kokolopori clinic staff, Congo

ABC Foreign Correspondent in the Congo

In 2010, the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program broadcast a story set in Kokolopori, which profiled our successful health program.

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