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indigo foundation produces a biannual magazine, indigo iNK, with updates and stories from our projects, our achievements and challenges, a think piece looking at thorny issues in development and profiles of the fantastic people who volunteer their time for indigo foundation.

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indigo iNK – June 2021

What’s inside

  • An introduction to our newest partner in Kiribati, the Nanikaai Village Committee.
  • A spotlight on the Jirghai and Behsud Schools partnership. After a challenging year in Afghanistan, we are working with our partners to expand support for girls and young women to access education. Ali Reza Yunespour also shares a snapshot of his research into the new primary school text books and their potential and limitations in building community harmony and diversity.
  • Rebuilding after the Cyclone. On 4 April, Cyclone Seroja hit our three partners in Eastern Indonesia, with flash flooding and landslides damaging infrastructure and housing, including PEKKA NTT’s community centre and women’s cooperative gardens. Our partners are now rebuilding and reaching out to impacted community members.
  • Meet Bakhtawar, one of the 2020 scholarship recipients from the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Kabul. Her story reminds us of the power of education.
  • Updates from our partners in India on navigating the latest Covid outbreak and from our partners in Budaka, Uganda, who have been back in the classroom skilling up on governance and program management.
  • And much more, including an interview with our new board member Tamana Mirzada, a think piece by Sanushka Mudaliar questioning the ‘migration-development nexus’ and updates from our indigo community in Australia.

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – December 2020 

What’s inside?

  • Introducing Winny Rangira, Club Rafiki’s first Youth Empowerment and Employment Officer. We worked with Club Rafiki in Rwanda this year to fund a new role focused on supporting young people to connect with training, internship and employment opportunities, including help with editing resumes, preparing for interviews and career guidance.
  • A spotlight on the Jirghai and Behsud Schools project, including the opening of Shadab High School and good news out of the recent Kankor exams. Partnership Coordinator Ali Reza Yunespour shares that the network of 22 partner schools that we’ve worked in Ghazni and Maidan Wardak achieved both a higher percentage of girls sitting this year’s exams and a higher percentage of students accepted into state-funded higher education institutions than the national average.
  • Planting seeds of change in Indonesia. The women of PEKKA NTT have been focusing on food security and their network of cooperative food gardens, including scaling up systems to bulk produce compost and introducing infrastructure, such as coconut and coffee milling machines, to reduce the burden of manual labour
  • Meet Sumaya, of the the 2020 scholarship recipients from the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Kabul.
  • And much more, including an update from Uganda and a think piece reflecting on some of the challenges and lessons that we’ve experienced with our community partners over the past 20 years.

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – June_2020

What’s inside?

  • A deep dive on COVID-19 and access to education in Afghanistan. With schools currently closed for face to face learning, Ali Reza Yunespour looks at some of the factors that threaten access and equity for students. Ali also shares our partners’ plans to build new school infrastructure across a network of six schools in the coming year.
  • Reflecting on our first year of partnership with the HAKO Women’s Collective in Bougainville. Meet HAKO librarian Marina and find out more about HAKO’s plans to expand their Safe House in response to increased demand from women facing family and sexual violence.
  • A piece explaining how we are working with and supporting our local partners as they navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and government restrictions on movement. During this time, we want to be transparent with you about what is guiding our decisions and how we are showing solidarity with our partners. To help us reflect on these times, we also share a think piece by Ann Porcino on the discomfort and possibilities of this moment and asking ‘how will we go forward’ in this decade.
  • A snapshot of a field visit to our Indian partners, Mahalir Sakthi, the Program for Education and Awareness Building and SASY by our Partnership Coordinator Susan Engel.
  • And much more, including an update on our partnership in South Sudan, a profile on one of our volunteers Supipi Jayawardena and news from our team in Australia.

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – November 2019 

What’s inside?

  • Introducing our newest partner, the Hako Women’s Collective in Bougainville, including an explainer on the political context in Bougainville on the eve of the Independence Referendum.
  • PEKKA NTT’s first Children’s Festival in Eastern Indonesia – a spotlight on our partner’s inaugural festival celebrating young people, sustainable food and local culture
  • “when I am dancing, when I am doing sports, I feel good about myself” – our Rwandan partner Club Rafiki hits the local media.
  • An update on our teacher training program in South Sudan – the number of teachers graduating grew two fold on the previous year
  • And much more including an update on a research project on shame and pride in community development, introducing our new Development Coordinator and news from our team in Australia.

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – May 2019

What’s inside?

  • Celebrating 15 years in Afghanistan – Our Partnership Coordinator Ali Reza Yunespour reflects on the history of education in rural Afghanistan and the changes he has seen in his home region.
  • “Education is the most important thing for improving our lives” – Featuring interviews with a student, an early childhood teacher and a parent and grandparent from Rote sharing their perspective on the impact of bursaries and training, as well as the challenges facing teachers and students in Rote, Eastern Indonesia.
  • A dance class with a difference – A snapshot of a hip hop dance class with a ‘no to drugs’ message run by our partners at Club Rafik in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Step by step in Namibia – A look at the long and sometimes challenging road to establishing a new community organisation in Namibia.
  • A think piece by Jubilee Australia on ‘Australia, China and the New Development Agenda’, as well as news from our wonderful volunteer team in Australia and more!

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – November 2018

What’s inside?

  • South Sudan education program – The first cohort of 60 teachers graduate from a 3 part intensive teacher training course and a fence goes up around Wedweil school
  • A letter from India – Discrimination against Dalit communities in India persists and our Chair writes about her experience and the incredible work our three partners are doing in Tamil Nadu support the right to health and education and empower women and girls
  • An Indonesian Congress – A snapshot of our first Congress, bringing together three Indonesian community partners for peer-based learning and a special workshop on organic gardening.
  • A report from October’s World Bank / IMF Annual Meetings, a think piece on tourism and development, news from our wonderful volunteer team in Australia … and more!

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – May 2018

What’s inside?

  • Jirghai school program in Afghanistan – National recognition and growing our partnership, school by school
  • Women’s Empowerment Centre in Kabul – Reflecting on the past seven years and profiles of scholarship recipients
  • Club Rafiki in Rwanda – Building capacity, governance and networks as the key to sustainability
  • A report from our annual indigo face to face meeting and a spotlight on ‘cash transfers’
  • A think piece on climate change the the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals … and more!

Read it in full here.

indigo iNK – November 2017

  • Rote learning: the community development process, Indonesia
  • A visit by Indonesian feminist powerhouse, Nani Zulminarni
  • A field visit to Budaka, Uganda
  • Our education program gains momentum in Wedweil, South Sudan
  • A piece on the history of women, gender and development … and more!

indigo iNK – May 2017

  • Growing and learning in Otjiwarongo, Namibia
  • Shebar High School in Jirghai to open it’s doors, Afghanistan
  • “In here, with these women, I feel free”: perspectives on Mahalir Sakthi in India
  • Our think piece on Microfinance – is it really a good thing?
  • … and more!

Newsletters, prior to 2016


What’s in this newsletter?

  • Indonesia – Stories from Rote, a new partner and visiting PEKKA
  • Jirghai, Afghanistan – forging ahead!
  • Club Rafiki – sex education, Rwandan style
  • Exiting Nyirripi after five years
  • Our think piece, profiles of the indigo team, Pat’s picks and… more!

indigo newsletter_May 2016

What’s in this newsletter?

  • Budaka – supporting education, a path out of poverty for vulnerable children in Uganda
  • Club Rafiki – inspiring and protecting a new generation of young people in Kigali, Rwanda
  • Building a community development program in Otjiwarongo, Namibia
  • South Sudan, Indonesia, our think piece, Board renewal, Pat’s Picks and … much more!

indigo foundation newsletter – August 2015

What’s in this newsletter?

  • Tamil Nadu – supporting education, a path out of poverty for Dalits
  • Starting small, and growing strong in Wedweil, South Sudan
  • A community report for Afghanistan – why we are confident!
  • New partnerships, our think piece, Board renewal and … much more!

indigo foundation newsletter – April 2015

What’s in this newsletter?

  • Imagining  the  future  -­ our  partners  in  Budaka,  Uganda
  • Borjegai  students  just  keep  on  achieving!  And    more,  from Afghanistan
  • The  power  of  dance – young  people  reaching  out  in  Kigali,  Rwanda
  • Our finances – how  you  can  help
  • Think piece by Lyla Rogan on accountability in development
  • A new feature – Pat’s  Picks!

indigo foundation newsletter – August 2014

 What’s in this newsletter?

  • An exciting new grassroots project in Otjiwarongo, Namibia
  • The wonder of art for children in Rote, Indonesia
  • ‘The indigo camp’, cultural experiences in Nyirripi, Australia
  • Our think piece about the new global development goals, upcoming events … and more!

indigo foundation newsletter – March 2014

 What’s in this newsletter? 

  • Personal insights into our two projects in India supporting Dalits
  • A in depth introduction to one of our new partners, OCCO, in Cambodia
  • ‘A day in Budaka’, with our six community partners in Uganda
  • The ongoing success of the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Afghanistan
  • Our think piece about libraries in Africa, upcoming events … and more!

indigo foundation newsletter – July 2013

What’s in this newsletter?

  • The latest from our education and social support program in Budaka.
  • Hip hop classes in Kigali Rwanda: developing a culture of pride
  • Supporting culture in Aboriginal communities: is it worth it?
  • What we have learnt after ten years in Afghanistan?
  • Our think piece: ‘Sanitation and development’
  • Information on our fabulous Sydney Dinner…
  • ..and much more!  

indigo foundation newsletter – March 2013

What’s in this newsletter?

  •  The latest from our education, awareness and empowerment projects with children and women in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • What is a Pig Bank?  Find out what is happening in Rote, Indonesia.
  • The Solomon Islands and the challenges of working with remote communities, and no IT…
  • Profiles of indigo foundation people: Alice Martin, our new Finance Administrator (and previously, Treasurer for five years!)
  • Our think piece: ‘What is activism?”
  • ..and much more!  

indigo foundation newsletter – December 2012

What’s in this newsletter? 

  •  A new project in South Sudan: education in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, with the Australian based Dinka Literacy Association.
  • Nasima Rahmani, Director of the Women’s Education Centre, Kabul: her visit to Australia
  • Photos from Salman-el-Fars School in Afghanistan and a reflection on the complexity of development
  • Profiles of indigo foundation people: Amy Ward, our new Development Coordinator…and
  • Our think piece: ‘Why we should do less’.

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