Indonesia: Rote

Painting at Oeleot
Rote food garden
Pak Engadas showing children his painting
master playing sasando

Lua Lemba Education and Community Development Foundation, Rote

Project established: 2000

Since 2000 indigo foundation has worked with the Lua Lemba Education and Community Development Foundation to increase the opportunities for young people on the remote, arid island of Rote in eastern Indonesia.  They are our oldest partner.  We currently support programs in education, health, food security, and the transmission of cultural knowledge.

Over 11 successful years we have contributed to the establishment of two senior high schools, the provision of education bursaries for children from kindergarten through to senior high school and our most recent initiative – training and funding early childhood educators.  These education programs have recently seen the first children from the region attending university.

Food security has long been a concern for the people living on this arid island.  In 2002 indigo foundation and Lua Lemba supported the establishment of  market gardens in the village of M’bore using permaculture techniques.  Run as a collective these gardens have had wide reaching impact, the produce provides both nutrition and a cash crop for farmers and their families.

Further, the community has used money raised by the sale of vegetables to build toilets, and has established a community bank which distributes profits to families on a two-year rotational cycle.  This money is often enough to buy a motor bike, or even to build a permanent house.  M’bore is sharing their knowledge and expertise with other villages enabling them to establish garden enterprises of their own.

Our health programs have included mother and child health workshops, the development of a healthy schools program and a highly successful festival which focussed on reproductive and sexual health issues.

In 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of indigo foundation’s collaborations in Rote Lua Lemba founded an annual Arts and Culture festival.  Now in its second year, it is both a hugely popular event and an important vehicle for perpetuating cultural transmission.


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Project Coordinator: Libby House

Board representative: Sally Stevenson