Policy – Open Information


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the indigo foundation is transparent and accountable to its stakeholders, community partners, funders, volunteers and supporters by specifying when and how information and documents will be shared and the process that occurs when information is requested. In doing so, we aim to build an honest and trustworthy relationship will all who are involved with our organisation and community partners.

Our commitment

Transparency is one of indigo foundation’s four guiding principles, with equity, sustainability and community ownership. We hold to these principles in all that we do in Australia (governance, management and member and supporter accountability) and in the way we support and conduct our partnerships with local communities overseas.

indigo foundation is committed to the proactive and factual sharing of information. This is predominately through our website, which we ensure is comprehensive and easily accessible in design and language. The information freely available from our website or upon request includes:

We commit to making the following documents and information available on our website:

  • Strategy – our current Strategic plan outline our goals and strategic focus areas
  • Annual report – providing a detailed overview of our community partnerships and our operations in Australia, including our Australia-based fundraising and volunteer program.
  • Finances and administration – Our finances are audited annually and this is published in full on our website. Our Annual report includes a detailed Treasurer’s report with a breakdown of how funds are spent between community development partnerships and within our operations in Australia.
  • Community development partnerships – Profiles of our community partners (current and past), aims and activities, updates, honest reflection on achievements and challenges.
  • Policies – Complaints Policy, Working with Children and Young People Policy, Privacy and Data Management, Whistleblower Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Organisational documents – guiding principles and operating principles, our Rules of Association, profiles of staff and board
  • indigo iNK – Biannual magazine that includes features on partnerships, as well as events, staff and volunteer changes and think pieces on aid and development

This information is also shared on indigo foundation’s social media accounts, particularly Facebook (facebook.com/indigofoundationaustralia) and twitter (@IndigoAustralia).

indigo foundation is committed to disseminating information to stakeholders and, where relevant, to seeking their inputs and feedback.

Requests for information

indigo foundation recognises that requests for information are an important part for maintaining accountability. Should you need or want to inquire information about our community partnerships or our operations and governance in Australia, please contact:

We aim to answer your request in a prompt manner, usually within 10 working days.

Exclusions to requests for information

Whilst indigo foundation aims to be as transparent and accessible as possible, we will not disclose any information that:

  • risks the safety and security of all our partners, volunteers and the communities they work within;
  • result in indigo foundation or our partner’s operations being banned, restricted or suspended;
  • cause a negative impact on our ability to work with our partner communities;
  • break legal, safeguarding, copyright, partner confidentiality, data protection, commercial or contractual obligations (see our Privacy and Data Management Policy; or
  • may be considered of little to no public interest or have financial or time implications disproportionate to he request.

If your request for information is rejected, we will provide a detailed explanation in a timely manner.

Feedback and complaints

We welcome feedback and complaints. For details of how to give feedback, please see the contact us page on our website. To make a complaint or raise a concern, for example about any decision under this policy, please see our Complaints Policy.