Indonesia: Nefo Ko’u Farmers Cooperative

The Nefo Ko’u Farmers Cooperative is small cooperative of 25 families based in Apren village in the high mountains of Amarasi in West Timor, Indonesia.

Nefo Ko’u’s purpose is to facilitate sustainable community development in the Apren community by.

Nefo Ko’u are one of our newest partners. They are volunteer-based collective operating in a village that is largely subsistence based and often cut off during the wet season. Nefo Ko’u is for first organisation to be established and to operate in Apren. Their objectives are to improve access to education, build a network of cooperative gardens to improve nutrition and income generation and celebrate their local culture.

We partnered with the Nefo Ko’u Farmers Cooperative in 2016, initially on a small project to fund a rotivator to reduce the labour required in their food gardens and extend the growing system. Since then, we have seen the community’s ambitions grow from food security, to bursaries from students from primary school to high school, and inspired by the work of PEKKA Lodan Doe, looking forward to establish programs to enrol and enfranchise more people in their local community.

In 2019, Nefo Ko’u are working to establish an open air reading room to improve access to books and literacy in the Apren community.