Solomon Islands: Weathercoast

Turusuala Community Based Training Centre, Weathercoast

(project established: 2004)

Graduates of a recent vocational training course &copy: Lucinda Wilson

Graduates of a recent vocational training course ©: Lucinda Wilson


Turusuala Community Based Training Centre (Turusuala), our partner in the Solomon Islands is located on the Weathercoast, one of the least developed parts of the country. It is an area which was particularly affected by the 1998-2003 ethnic tensions. Our support for Turusuala began in 2004 and since then, we have provided $4,000 a year in core funding. Turusuala began by providing educational opportunities for local youth who had been excluded from the education system. Training in agriculture, joinery, building, mechanics, sewing, home management, food, nutrition and literacy was offered.

The year for Turusuala

During 2010 communication and reporting between Turusuala and indigo foundation failed. Consequently, Turusuala thought we intended to discontinue the partnership. In April Lucinda Wilson visited the project with a view to evaluating the situation and determining a way forward.

Much to Lucinda’s delight the program was still functioning well, and Turusuala had continued to develop in spite of the additional demands placed on them with the apparent withdrawal of our support. Achievements include: a flourishing model garden 100 metres by 50 metres producing pineapples, kumera, taro, yams among other things; a new piggery (a piglet which had been payment in kind for a student’s fees is the start of a piggery); classes in life skills including sewing, welding and joinery have been maintained and a village outreach program in food processing (dehydration), and building stock pens is ongoing. There is also a new staff house at the centre and income from products and produce made at the centre and sold is paid towards teachers’ salaries.


Challenges and opportunities

In 2009 Turusuala entered an additional partnership with local non government organisation Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) and much of the focus of the program shifted from youth training to self reliance through sustainable agriculture.

However, while consultations with the community revealed they were happy with the new food security elements of the program established with KGA and have ideas for its expansion, there is still a clear demand for trade and life skills programs which do not come under the KGA support and which our fund will support.

Gender equity imbalance, long an issue in this project and across the country, was raised during Lucinda’s consultations. It is important we (Turusuala, KGA and indigo foundation) jointly design a response that as far as is possible, removes blocks and provides genuine opportunities for women’s participation in the project. Many discussions were held about what form this could take and this will evolve as planning continues.

A major outcome from this visit is the appointment of our first in-country Project Manager, long term Liaison Officer Doni Kelly. Doni and his wife Jennifer have been involved with the project as Liaison Officer and teacher for many years. Doni’s appointment compliments several new changes in the Turusuala administration, ensuring continuity in the area of program support. The present Principal of Turusuala is moving to KGA in an Area Co-ordinator position and his deputy, a Turusuala graduate, will become Turusuala Principal.

The future

We are committed to our support for Turusuala and a new three year agreement is being finalised. The objectives in the agreement are:

  • provision of a residential course for students from the Avu Avu area, which includes mechanics, agriculture, and home economics;
  • re-introduction of literacy to the curriculum; short courses for members of the local community on topics that Turusuala has some expertise;
  • an equal ratio of female and male students at Turusuala and of representatives on the Management Committee; and
  • improvement of governance and transparency of Turusuala through formal training and a greater focus on the Management Committee as a key strategic and decision making body.

We have built strong relationships with the Turusuala community and have survived a difficult year with these relationships intact. To quote Lucinda:

“I was so impressed by their [Turusuala] goals and principles and how much they have achieved with very, very limited resources… this is an area in need in a country in need. The people of the Weathercoast are friendly, happy people, but they live with incredibly low food security, limited or any educational opportunities and no transport infrastructure. We paid the equivalent of one year of teacher’s wages to get to and from the project, per person, from Honiara. They were one of the worst affected areas during the ethnic tensions and projects like this are instrumental in avoiding the fall into violence again which may come as RAMSI withdraws. They have no water or electricity and they risk being attacked by crocodiles when they wash their clothes, dishes and selves.  I strongly encourage the indigo foundation to continue to support Turusuala.”

Project Coordinator Sally McNeill
Board Representative Lucinda Wilson
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2 Responses to Solomon Islands: Weathercoast

  1. indigo foundation says:

    thanks very much for your comment and thoughts on the project at Turusuala. Stay posted for more information, 2012 should be an exciting year ahead for our Solomon Islands team.

  2. Soniya says:

    I did hapened to acnidectly stumbled on a very interesting report compiled from the Solomon Islands (Donny Kelly) regarding Turusuala RTC on the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal in the AvuAvu area. Just to re-tract a bit, I did visited that particular training centre during the cooling down of the ethnic tension and the centre was still operating on the old and abandoned Agricultural TC. On that note I would like to really make mentioned and register here on behalf of TVET Division of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development its profound appreciation for the great task which Indigo Foundation through the Kastom Garden which saw a tremendous improvement Turusuala RTC has gone through. A remarkable adventure of development and an avenue put in place for disadventaged youths and Adults alike in that part of the Weather Coast.As an Officer in the TVET Division and had been working along side various VRTCs in Solomon Islands for a number of years, it is encouraging to have knowledge of the kind of training Turusuala is embarking on which is quite unique to other VRTCs in the country. I have been always in contact with the current Principal as well.The TVET Division is also working closely with the Guadalcanal Provincial Education Authority in the pathway to have the centre Registered under its Authority and likewise for the TVET Division as well.Thanks for putting Turusuala on the on the website.

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