We are committed to achieving a realistic and responsible approach to development guided by existing research and ongoing evaluation.

We have a Research Sub-Committee which works with students, academics and practitioners to examine issues in development and pursue case studies of our projects.

Each year we also sponsor the indigo foundation Praxis Development Award at the University of Wollongong to support and promote links between development research and practice. The award of AU$250 is granted to a person or organisation undertaking research that we believe will contribute, in a practical and accessible way, to community development.

We also provide non-financial support to award recipients, including access to our organisational experience and contacts and, as appropriate, introductions to communities that we are working with. In return we may ask recipients to assist us by reviewing a project to ensure that we are applying key theoretical principles in our work, submitting research articles to our newsletter or speaking to our volunteers and management committee about development research.

For more information, please contact Susan Engel at