Policy – Acceptance and refusal of donations


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the indigo foundation makes clear, consistent and ethical decisions regarding the acceptance or refusal of donations and the formation of relationships with donors (cash or in-kind). This is important to protect the interests, reputation and independence of our organisation and to ensure that indigo foundation and our partnerships remain independent from donor influences and true to our Guiding Principles.

Our commitment

indigo foundation has a duty to take up opportunities for resourcing and assisting our work provided that those opportunities are consistent with our guiding principles and values.

indigo foundation will not decline opportunities which would help it achieve its objectives without good reasons.

In accepting a donation, indigo foundation will satisfy ourselves that:

  • the donation is directly related to indigo foundation’s objects and associated work is practically achievable by indigo foundation;
  • legislative requirements for fundraising are met;
  • the privacy of donors is met, in accordance with our Privacy and Data Management Policy;
  • a donation does not result in costs greater than its value to indigo foundation; and
  • accepting a donation does not have real or potential negative legal implications.

Acceptance of donations

When accepting a donation, indigo foundation will:

  • administer donations efficiently and use funds wisely and responsibly;
  • apply donations in accordance with our current Strategy and priorities as determined by the Board;
  • keep donors informed about our operations in Australia and our community development partnerships; being honest and transparent about the achievements and the challenges; and
  • wherever possible, communicate with donors in the ways they individually prefer and respect any request from donors to not be contacted.

Non-acceptance of donations

indigo foundation will not accept a donation where the acceptance of a donation would be unlawful, where we have a reasonable believe that the donor is in vulnerable circumstances or lacks the capacity to make a decision to donate or where to accept the donation would compromise the aim, purposes, Guiding Principles or interests of indigo foundation.

indigo foundation may consider refusing a donation for the following reasons:

  • there is an incompatibility between the donor’s activities and the objects or activities of indigo foundation or our community partners;
  • the cost of accepting the donation will be greater than the value of the donation;
  • there is reason to believe that accepting the donation may give rise to litigation; or
  • accepting a donation would compromise the interests or objects of indigo

True to our Guiding Principles and mindful of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related covenants and other relevant UN instruments, in considering refusal of a donations, indigo foundation will take into account:

  • profit from or other involvement in armaments likely to be used other than in the protection of human life
  • corrupt activity
  • discrimination to the detriment of any individual or group
  • profit from or other involvement in goods and services with negative social or health effects (e.g. tobacco, gambling)
  • profit from or other involvement in unfair or exploitative marketing or employment practices
  • involvement in activities that are locally or globally environmentally unsustainable
  • inhumane treatment of animals
  • unwarranted damage to places and things that are of special value to any culture and that have special natural value
  • unjust limitation of the freedom of any individual or group.


The Executive Director is responsible for implementing this policy.

Where the Executive Director identifies that a particular donor or donation requires
examination, the Executive Director will raise this with the Chair. The Executive Director and Chair may then make the decision based on this policy to accept or refuse a donation or the Chair may defer this decision to a Board meeting.

When making a determination, indigo foundation will consider the extent to which a potential donor has taken positive steps to mitigate or resolve past issues of concern.

When a decision is made to refuse a donation, the donor will be given reasons for refusal.