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Our current work is managed as locality-based programs.

Our Africa program includes supporting disadvantaged young people and the communities which care for them in Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia and South Sudan.

Our India program encompasses projects supporting education of Dalit children and disadvantaged women in Madhurantakum and Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Our Afghanistan program includes the education and community development work of the Borjegai Schools Program, and the Women’s Empowerment Centre scholarship program in Kabul.

In Southeast Asia and the South Pacific the program includes community development, education and sustainable agriculture projects in Battambang Province, Cambodia; Rote, Indonesia; and Turusuala, Solomon Islands.

More detailed information on individual projects is available by clicking the links below.

Afghanistan, Borjegai

Afgahanistan: Women’s Education and Empowerment Project

Cambodia: OCCO

Indonesia, Rote

Solomon Islands, Weathercoast

India: Madhurantakum, Tamil Nadu

India: Mahalir Sakti

Uganda: Budaka

Australia: Nyirripi, Northern Territory


South Sudan



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